This industrial Latex collar features a hefty yet delicate morning star pendant (also called a whip of arms or flail) cast in a mixed metal. Currenly only availble in gold. Silver will be avilable soon! Pair with a deep v top for a dramatic look.

Ready to ship item-Please allow 1 week for your item to ship 
-Sizing- Length: 11.5in - 14in, Hang: 5in
-Latex Widith: .75in
-10% of every order (up to $40 per order) will be dontated to Planned Parenthood
More information: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/

Collar Additions

Snake Buckle

*Buckle Closure option must be selected above*/*Only available in silver*

Knot Chain Link Rows

Mini Chain Link Rows