“Oh flesh and steel,
And when you laughed,
I laughed with you,
And when you die,
I'll die with you”
Flesh and Steel-SPK

These necklaces are made from stainless steel rings and sterling silver chain. Adorned with morning star pendants.
1=Top 2=Bottom

Ready To Ship Item-Please allow 1 week for your item to ship
-Sizing- Length: 12.5in - 14.5in Hang: 5in Rings: 1.5in (x1) 1.25in (x4)
-10% of every order (up to $40 per order) will be dontated to Planned Parenthood
More information: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/

Collar Additions

Knot Chain Link Rows

Mini Chain Link Rows